Panasonic - Select Cycler System - Whole House Ventilation System, 8" Duct - SACG2K-08

The SelectCycler System features two modes of operation – ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Balanced’ mode:

Hybrid Mode - The supply damper is open to bring in fresh air. If normal heating and cooling cycles don’t run long enough to meet required ventilation, the controller will also power on WhisperGreen Select™ via the FanConnect wall switch to provide supplemental ventilation.

Balanced Mode - The controller opens the supply damper AND activates the WhisperGreen Select at the same time. If heating or cooling cycle is too short to meet ventilation needs, the controller will also activate the HVAC/AHU.


  • Ideal for single and multi-family construction
  • Provides whole house ventilation control that’s integrated into the home’s Central HVAC system
  • Durable, powered open/close damper alleviates damper chatter
  • Controls WhisperGreen Select™ (or any 110VAC ventilation fan), to provide supplemental ventilation as needed to meet ASHRAE 62.2
  • Two operational modes help a home achieve the lowest cost per HERS point for either supply or balanced ventilation strategies
  • Works in tandem with spot exhaust fan to achieve hybrid supply or balanced ventilation
  • Features a patented setup process, including two simple options: Flow vs Time
  • Digital display panel shows system status and aids in troubleshooting
  • Fan/light wall switch can be programmed from the controller to provide a delay timer function**
  • Model: SACG2K-08


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