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Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - B005-P Wing Bowl 17" x 6" - Polished White Bronze


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Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - B005-P Wing Bowl 17" x 6" - Polished White Bronze (Shown in WB Finish)

• Size: 17" x 6"   OUTER DIMENSIONS
• 1.5" Drain Hole (Bath)

Linkasink Bronze Sinks come in your choice of 4 finishes:
B005-AB: Antique Bronze
B005-WB: White Bronze

B005-P: Polished White Bronze
B005-UB: Unlacquered Brass

Linkasink bronze sinks are a timeless treasure, and beautifully detailed. These elegant decorative bronze bathroom sinks are made from spun cast bronze with each sink being hand-cast one at a time. This technique gives more uniformity to the finished sinks.

Linaksink’s new bronze sinks are available in a selection of patterns and two color types – antique bronze and white bronze.  The antique bronze sinks are made from a standard bronze material resulting in a solid bronze sink in the expected bronze color.  The white bronze sinks are made from white silica bronze which is also a solid bronze product but with the appearance of a satin nickel finish.  The white bronze sinks are far more durable than a metal sink with a satin nickel finish because the white bronze color is present throughout the composition of the sink.

The use of white bronze was originally made popular by the decorative hardware industry to produce high-end residential door handles and other hardware that would stand up to heavy use and the outdoor elements.  Linkasink is among the first companies to create sinks in white bronze.

The sinks measure 17” in diameter x 6” deep with a 1.5” drain.  The sinks can be used as a vessel sink or they can be installed as a drop-in sink.

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  • Model: B005-P
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