Elite Bath Drains - EL710 - 2.5" Brass Bar Prep Strainer Drain with Lift-Out Basket


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Elite Bath - 2" Bar Sink Drain
Style EL710 - Bar Sink Strainer:   Bar 2"  List Price $120.00

Elite Bath EL710 - 2-1/2" Brass Bar/Prep Strainer with Lift-Out Basket
2-1/2" standard brass bar or food prep sink strainer. Available in multiple finishes to match your kitchen and/or bar/prep sink fixtures.

Made of Brass
2" Deep Removeable Strainer Basket
Fits a 2" Drain Opening
This generous 2" deep removable strainer basket catches any debris. Does not have sealing function to hold water in sink.

Detailed Product Information
  • Products Regular Price: $120
  • Model: EL710
  • Manufactured by: Elite Bath Bronze Sinks
  • Condition: New
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  • Shipping Available to: United States
  • Available at: Wave Plumbing Supply