S&P Soler & Palau Ventilation Fans - Dryer Boosting - Dryer Booster Kit PV-100XPS With Integrated Pressure Switch

4" duct

This Premium Dryer Booster Kit Includes the Following Components:

  • PV-100x Duct Boosting Fan (142 CFM)
  • Integrated Air Pressure Sensing Switch with electronic cycle timing board
  • Fan Mounting Bracket

S&P offers the perfect solution to increase dryer efficiency, the PV 100x Dryer Booster fan. The PV 100x has been specifically designed to handle dryer boosting applications and helps you save on drying time, moisture build up, wear and tear on your dryer, and on your electrical bill. The performance ranges from 34 - 153 CFM. The centrifugal blade designs are able to overcome extreme resistance for even the most challenging installations. The PV offers a totally enclosed motor which ensures long, trouble free life. The PV series is the right choice for enhancing the performance of your clothes dryer.

Clothes Dryer Boosting Kits
The PV-100x fan is available separately or as part of a kit that includes everything necessary for a hands-free operation. Once the system is installed you will no longer waste time, energy or unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer. The next step is to select which activation best fits your needs.

Soler & Palau Clothes Dryer Boosting with an Integrated Pressure Sensor
The PV-100XPS is the latest addition to the S&P line of clothes dryer exhaust duct power ventilators. This new version utilizes a compact pressure sensor and run timer enclosed within the junction box and mounted to the fan housing with the following benefits:

  • Ease of installation
  • Utilizes the highest quality motorized impeller available
  • Incorporates a Class F insulation system for extended product life
  • Add up to 80 equivalent feet to the exhaust duct without compromising drying efficiency
  • Epoxy coated metal housing for added durability
  • Supplied with pre-wired 6’ appliance cord
  • ETL Listed to UL Standards 507 and 705

Pressure sensors are the most common method of clothes dryer exhaust duct power ventilator (booster fan) activation and are a good solution for many installations. The pressure sensor recognizes the positive pressure that is generated within the exhaust duct by an active clothes dryer and the solid state timer energizes the power ventilator. The timer cycles the ventilator in 5 minute intervals until the pressure sensor recognizes that the clothes dryer is no longer in operation. The system will then remain idle until another clothes dryer cycle is initiated.

  • Model: PV-100XPS
  • Manufactured by: Fantech Exhaust Fans


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