S&P Soler Palau Accessories - LED4 Expansion Grille with LED Light - VLED-100

Soler & Palau (S&P) VLED-100 Expansion Grille for 4" Duct with LED Bulb

. Longer duct collar for 4" duct
. Extendable hanger bars up to 24"
. 7.5" grill
. Built-in backdraft damper
. Uses PAR30 LED bulb (included), built to last a minimum of 60,000 hours.
. Dimensions - 5.25" H X 7" W

S&P VL Intake Grilles with Lights and Backdraft Dampers
Part # Description
VLED-100 Vent Light with PAR30 LED Bulb
VLH-100 Vent Light with PAR30 Halogen Bulb
VLF-100 Vent Light with Energy Star Rated Compact Fluorescent Bulb

• Longer duct collar for 4” duct
• Extendable hanger bars up to 24”
• 7.5” grille
• Built-in backdraft damper
• 3 bulb options

Use with S&P PV-100, PV-100XL, TD-100, or TD-100X fans. Also for Fantech FR100, FR110 Fans

Vent Lights (Available with LED Bulbs)
Lights & Grilles
S&P’s Vent Lights give you ventilation that is “Out-of-Sight and Out-of-Mind”! The Vent Lights appear to be a regular can light, and when combined with a remotely mounted fan, the noise and unsightly look of the traditional bathroom fan are gone! The Vent Lights are aesthetically pleasing grilles with lights that will match any bathroom decor.

Featuring Vent Lights and Premium Grilles
S&P’s Grille Options give you the choice of seven (7) aesthetically pleasing grilles designed to match any bathroom decor. You can choose from our Vent Lights, Premium Grilles or Adjustable Grilles to fit your needs.
These grilles are designed to be used exclusively with one of S&P’s remotely mounted inline fans (TD, PV, SWF) for virtually silent bathroom ventilation. Inline fans give you the option to mount your grille over the shower, toilet, tub, or in multiple locations (dual vent). With S&P’s Grille Options the choice is yours!

Why Choose the Vent Light with LED Bulbs?
S&P’s respect for the environment extends to its Vent Lights with the optional LED Bulb. The benefits to the LED Bulbs include:
• Built to last a minimum of 60,000 hours, plus the LED’s use a fraction of the energy that a traditional incandescent or halogen lamp uses
• LED’s contain no mercury so they are easy to dispose of, unlike other energy efficient bulbs
• The LED lamps run cool and are shock resistant, making them safer for use in your home

About Soler & Palau
S&P is the world's leading producer of air movement products. S&P manufactures and supplies s fans, dampers, louvers and recovery ventilators (ERVs). These products are in various industries including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


  • Model: Fantech VLED-100
  • Manufactured by: S&P Soler and Palau Vent Fans


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