Elite Bath Bar Sink Bronze - Square Bar 12 SB12 - 12" Bronze Bar Sink - 9 Finishes


Elite Bath - Elite Square Bar 12 SB12 - 12" Bronze Bar Sink - 9 Finishes

FINISHES: Living or Fine Art (Shown here in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish)

TEXTURE OPTIONS: Smooth or Hammered Surface
DIMENSIONS: 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" O.D. 9 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 5" Deep  I.D.
DRAIN TYPE: Bar (2")

Specify holes to deck mount faucet

Elite Bath Solid Bronze Luxury Kitchen, Bath & Bar Sinks
Elite Bath specializes in artisan handcrafted, ornate, one of a kind cast metal goods, of many different alloys, but predominately bronze. The diverse, unique designs and stylish sink shapes of Elite Bath solid cast bronze sinks set them apart from competitors more common, fabricated sinks. None of the bronze sinks are plated, they are solid cast bronze.

Elite Bath Finishes
Fourteen gorgeous "Old World" and Fine Art
finishes are all handcrafted by formally trained metallurgists, who have studied the nature, structure and physical properties of metals and their alloys, and the methods for processing them into final product - making these sinks true works of art - of the highest quality and durability.

Fine Art Finish
A Fine Art finish is created with heat and the application of a mixture of different chemicals to create the desired look. Elite Fine Art Finishes are all protected by a proprietary coating to ensure a slow unnoticeable controlled change.

Living Finish
A living finish is susceptible to change and evolves over time. The living finish applied can be maintained.

Ordering Instructions:
We suggest that you call us to order this sink. Toll Free: 888-875-WAVE. We can help you fully understand all of your options. Or you can order online...

Please select your sink finish from either the LIVING FINISH or FINE ART FINISH (but not both) pulldown menus below. Keep the "Select Finish" or "None" option selected if you are choosing from the other finish menu. Use the "Surface Finish" menu to select your sink texture. Choose an optional drain from the drains menu.

  • Model: SB12
  • Manufactured by: Elite Bath Bronze Sinks

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Satin Bronze

Traditional Bronze

Traditional Dark Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Satin Nickel


Norwegian Marble

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