Fantech CVS400A Inline Multi-Port Fan - 405 CFM

Fantech CVS400A Inline Multi-Port Fan


  • Airflows up to 400 CFM
  • Slim design fits any tight space
  • 100% speed controllable
  • Internal scroll for maximum air performance
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F
  • HVI and cSAus Certified

The CVS Series multi-port ventilators have been engineered for installation in areas where space is limited. They are a popular choice for use in areas between floors in apartment buildings or high rise office complexes.

With CVS models, several exhaust points connect into one centrally located fan without the use of adapters or transitions. The motorized impeller is both statically and dynamically balanced as one integral unit, for vibration free, quiet performance.

With multiple exhaust points going into one fan, wall or roof penetrations are kept to a minimum.

CVS fans are simple to install. Simply select the fan mounting location, taking into account the type of application, service accessibility, and distance from exhaust point (to minimize fan operating noise). Secure the unit using either threaded rod or wires to suspend the unit. Finally, connect the ductwork to inlet and outlet of the fan using FC clamps.


Voltage   120 V
Frequency   60 Hz
Phase   1
Input power (P1)   156 W
Current   1.41 A
Max airflow   405 CFM
Fan impeller speed   2950 RPM
Weight   20 lbs.
Maximum temperature of transported air   140 °F
Insulation class   B
Enclosure class, motor   IP44


  • Model: CVS 400A
  • Manufactured by: Fantech Exhaust Fans


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