Fantech FR 110 Inline Centrifugal Exhaust Fan - 4" duct - 167 cfm

  • Airflow up to 170 cfm
  • Vibration welded seam ensures leak proof housing
  • Speed-controllable Air stream temperatures up to 140°F
  • Not for Radon Mitigation applications! Use a radon fan Rn2 (89052)

The FR Series is a versatile inline duct fan. These models can be used for multiple point exhaust, residential and commercial applications, crawl space venting or make-up air supply. They are also widely used as booster fans to move air from one room or area to another. These models are not designed for nor should be used in radon applications.


The fans feature a fully sealed plastic housing.

The housing is joined via a vibration welding process. The process uses transverse, reciprocating motion at the point of contact between the housing’s inlet and outlet pieces. The friction produces heat that melts the thermoplastic material at the interface. The melted material quickly re-solidifies, resulting in a fused, single-piece housing. The fused seam is inherently air tight, very strong and permanent.

An air-tight fan ensures that efficiency is not lost and contaminants are not spilled due to leakage. The fan can be mounted in outdoor and wet locations. The FR Series features external rotor motors that have proven dependable year after year.

A large electrical wiring enclosure is designed into the fan housing, making electrical installation easier.

Motor Protection

Thermal overload protected with automatic reset. The fans can be controlled via a solid state speed controller.


Specification Guide (PDF)

Submittal Sheet (English) (PDF)

Installation / Owner's Manual (PDF)

  • Model: FR 110
  • Manufactured by: Fantech Exhaust Fans


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