Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - BR003 Round Sink Large (Smooth) - 4 Finishes

Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - BR003 Round Sink Large (Smooth) - 4 Finishes

Linkasink Model:  Round Sink Large (Smooth) (BR003)
Dimensions:  Diameter: 17"   Height: 8"
Drain Hole Size:  1.5" (Bath)
Installation:  Drop-In or Undermount (Please Specify)
Finishes:  (AB) Antique Bronze, (WB) White Bronze, (PN) Polished Nickel
Category:  Linkasink Bronze Sinks

Comes in your choice of three finishes:
AB - Antique Bronze
WB - White Bronze**
PN - Polished Nickel**

**Upcharge for these finishes

Linkasink Collection of Bronze Sinks
Linkasink's bronze bathroom vessel sinks are made by craftsmen using an old-world Turkish method enabling them to construct intricate details and shapes, producing a sink that radiates beauty and warmth. This collection includes antique reproductions, elegantly shaped vessels, and sinks with ornate relief patterns. 

Linkasink Round Sink Large
Linkasink Round Sink Large comes in 2 sizes and 3 finishes: Antique Bronze, White Bronze and Polished Nickel. Installation style include Drop-In or Undermount. See each product for recommended mounting styles for that specific model.

Round Sink Models
BR003-AB - Round Bowl Large - Antique Bronze
BR003-WB - Round Bowl Large - White Bronze
BR003-PN - Round Bowl Large - Polished Nickel
BR001-AB - Round Bowl Small - Antique Bronze
BR001-WB - Round Bowl Small - White Bronze
BR001-PN - Round Bowl Small - Polished Nickel

Available Linkasink Sink Drains: (Optional) Drains are not included with sink. 
D004 - Grid Strainer
D005 - Twist & Turn
D006 - Pop-Up Drain
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Linkasink Decorative Drains (by material):
• Standard Metal Drains
• Decorative Metal Drains
• Metal and Shell Drains
• Metal and Cloisonne Drains
• Carved Stone Drains
• Metal and Semi-Precious Stone

  • Model: BR003
  • Manufactured by: Linkasink Sinks

$1,260.00 Sale: $1,008.00Save: $252.00 off

Please Choose:

Sink Finish

AB - Antique Bronze

UB- Satin Unlacquered Brass

WB - White Bronze

P-Polished White Bronze

$1,260.00 Sale: $1,008.00Save: $252.00 off

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