Thompson Traders Sinks - Bathroom - Copper - Limited Editions Karma - KBC Copper Vessel


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 Thompson Traders : Karma - KBC - Wavy Oval Hand Crafted Copper - Black Copper Finish

 Manufacturer: Thompson Traders
Collection: Limited Edition
Name: Karma Copper Vessel
Model: KBC

Mounting Style: VM (Vessel Mount)  PD (Partial Drop-In)
Finish: Black Copper

Outside Dimensions: 21" x 12"

Inside Dimensions: 21" x 12"
Depth: 5"
Drain Size: 1.5"
FREE Drain Included: TDG-15-AC (Antique Copper)

Description: This stunning copper vessel has a Black Copper finish. This sink and can be vessel mounted, or set as a partial drop-in. Includes standard 1.5" drain hole. All Thompson Traders copper sinks are carefully handcrafted giving each one an original beauty, making it a true work of art. Because each sink is handcrafted no two are identical, however they are similar enough to put side by side.




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  • Model: KBC
  • Manufactured by: Thompson Traders
  • Condition: New
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