Linkasink Drain - Bathroom D004 1.5" Grid Strainer Drain


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AB - Antique Bronze

DB - Dark Bronze

PN - Polished Nickel

SN - Satin Nickel

UB - Unlaquered Brass

WC - Weathered Copper


Linkasink D004 1.5 inch Grid Strainer

Linkasink STANDARD DRAINS - Linkasink offers several standard drain styles, including basket strainers and lift-and-turn stoppers, that perfectly complete the many sinks we offer. Standard drains are available in dark bronze, polished nickel, pewter, satin nickel, and weathered copper finishes.

Comes in 5 finishes:
WC-Weathered Copper
DB-Dark Bronze
PN-Polished Nickel
SN-Satin Nickel

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  • Condition: New
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  • Available at: Wave Plumbing Supply
  • Model: D004
  • Manufactured by: Linkasink Drains