Elite Bath Kitchen Sinks Farmhouse - Stainless Steel SFS32 Chameleon Farmhouse Kitchen Sink - Includes Art Panel


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SFS32 Elite Bath Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Elite Bath Apron Front Kitchen Farm House Sink - 32" Stainless Steel Chameleon Square Edge - PRICE INCLUDES ART PANEL
Our hand crafted Elite Bath FS30 Sink models are stock items all other stainless steel sinks are built upon order. Double baskets can be built 50/50 or 70/30 split. Please specify all dimensions and choice of apron front upon order.

Artistic Chameleon Stainless Steel Farm Sink Collection from Elite Bath.
Elite Bath is proud to introduce an inspiring new sink collection for your luxury kitchen, bath or bar. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned farm basin, the Chameleon Collection farm sink can alter its looks to fit the décor of any room. The collection is distinguished by a diverse collection interchangeable sink aprons meticulously handcrafted by artists out of solid bronze. Artist edition themes range from garden delights such as nectar-sipping hummingbirds and dragonflies among cattails, to breathtaking wilderness views and laid-back barnyard scenes. This adaptable collection blends perfectly into garden rooms, themed kitchens bars and baths, or any space where where you want to bring a touch of nature indoors.
The Chameleon Collection farm sink is accommodating to most cabinets sizes.
• 32.5" x 22.5" OD
• 30" x 18" ID
• 9.5" Deep
DRAIN SIZE: Kitchen (3.5")

Bronze Apron Front "Artist Edition" Designs (Size Approx. 30"x8") at additional cost.
The Farm sink "Apron Fronts" are avaliable in 3 finishes:
• DB-Traditional Dark Bronze
• SB-Satin Bronze
• SN-Satin Nickel

Click here to see additional mnf photos of Elite bronze Apron Front designs in various finishes.

Elite Bath Bronze Chameleon Farm Sink Fronts
• Elite Chameleon 32" Fronts
• Elite Chameleon 40" Fronts
• Elite Chameleon 24" Mini Farm Sink Fronts

Elite Bath: Kitchen Farm sink "Apron Fronts" art panels are avaliable in 3 finishes, Satin Bronze, Traditional Dark Bronze and Satin Nickel. The Farm Sink Fronts, have to be cut down for the "Chameleon Mini Sink!"  Patent Pending on Apron Front Farm Sinks

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