Waste King Commercial Disposals

Waste King is the top rated brand in garbage disposals. Perfect for restaurants, commercial kitchens & labs.

Waste King Exclusive Features:

  • EXCLUSIVE STAINLESS STEEL SWIVEL IMPELLERS swivel and retract at potential jams, thereby reducing costly jams and motor overloads as well as eliminating the need for expensive reversing switches and de-jamming wrenches.
  • STAINLESS STEEL UNDERCUTTER BLADE located beneath the grind ring, cuts and snips stringy and fibrous waste into small particles to promote free flow through the drain line.
  • HUSH CUSHIONS® isolate the unit from metal to metal contact, significantly reducing noise levels. Hush Cushions® with built in splash guard, are specially designed to withstand vibration and tension present in the grinding process.
  • VARIETY OF MOUNTING SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES are available to assure the most efficient disposer system for your food waste management needs.
  • FULL ONE YEAR PARTS AND ONSITE WARRANTY. One full year warranty from the date of purchase by end user, covering defects in material or workmanship. Parts and labor included.