Fantech Fan Dryer Booster - DBF 4XLT Dryer Boosting Fan


Just installed this unit myself in the past day and still need to do more testing / evaluating. So far, here are my thoughts:
Relatively easy to install (for a DIY-er, a little more challenging. I installed this in a condo with about a 14" drop ceiling in the bathroom (where the old dryer boost was installed). So working with existing ducting and hooking up this fan was going to be challenging no matter what product I used. This fan with the mounting bracket made installation as easy as possible. The 5 1'2" power cord is a nice idea - it allows for easy power disconnection for servicing (no need to shut the power off at breaker, simply unplug). It required that I install an outlet in my drop ceiling but that was simple and I ran it off a GFIC so even better for protection. So far no tripping!
I replaced an existing dryer boost fan that did double duty: it vented both the dryer and the bathroom at the same time (dryer NOT in bathroom but adjoining room). This was problematic because the on off switch for the old fa was in the bathroom and each time I needed to use the dryer, I had to go to the bathroom to turn the fan on. In the remodeling, I separated out the two systems: one for for the bathroom, one fan for the dryer, teed together to the one larger exhaust pipe. I bought back draft dampers for both fans and put them on the outlet of each fan. This way, when the dryer is on, the dryer exhaust won't come into the bathroom grills (and vice versa). Hopefully this will workout in the long run. (PS - the bathroom fan is also a Fan tech fan, but a bit smaller)
I tried to plug this fan in and test the sound level before I installed it - no matter what I did, I couldn't activate the pressure switch until I installed it, hooked up all the ducting and turned the dryer on. Sound level is amazingly quiet, much less than the old airplane sounding fan that we had! You can hear the air pulling from the secondary lint trap and from the dryer - apart from that, there's a whisper of a fan sound in the ceiling.

I've done one load of drying so far and it turned on by itself then turned off after the load was done - about 10 ' after dryer stopped. The blue indicator light has flashed at the end of the dryer load and I'm still needing to sort that out. I'll open the ducting (easy on/off collar at fan inlet) and check there isn't a ball of lint - I've heard from other reviews this sometimes happens when the old ducting has lint accumulated - the fan sucks it up!). If not that, then I'm hoping the back draft damper isn't interfering with the fan performance. (back draft damper is a spring / butterfly style and yes it is installed the correct direction).
Overall, very impressed with this fan and would highly recommend this product!
Date Added: 06/23/2011 by Mark LEPINE