Waste King Garbage Disposal - 8000 1 HP Legend Series

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What a steal of a deal. My old Badger #1 1/3hp unit finally was getting close to it's last days. I noted a loud squealing noise, likely the bearings, whenever I turned the unit on. Note to future buyers of a stronger HP unit. Make sure you have the room. I had to do some relatively easy (once figured out) re-plumbing under the sink, due to the size and bulk of this unit. (It was bumping against the trap). Once my re-plumbing was done, the unit took only 10 minutes to mount and check for leaks. The initial start up has a kick to it, that I wasn't use to, but was somewhat expected. (1/3hp to 1hp!) No leaks found so I began cleaning out my fridge. This was almost like a game! I dropped in whole chicken thighs... bones and all... NO Problem! Vegetables... done! Pasta... done! Rice... (which use to always give my badger a problem)... No sweat! I stopped before heading outside for a small tree branch, but I was tempted...LOL. Only Con to all these pros... I wish the splash guard was a little more... solid. It'll never stop a fork or other small item from falling to its bone crashing death. 5 stars across the board. Consumer Reports rates this one at #1, and I can see why. The EZ mount is just that! (Took me 20 minutes with a hammer to get my 15 year old 3 bolt mount to let go of the old unit) Also had to order it on-line. Not carried in my local hardware/ home improvement centers. Runs quieter than I expected, so that was an added plus, given the horse power and size of the unit. The biggest plus of all is the life-time in-house service warranty. Couldn't ask for better than that. Waste King is in charge now. This unit is so hungry, you'll want to give it a name when feeding. Enjoy.
Date Added: 02/13/2012 by Corey Warren