Waste King Garbage Disposal - 8000 1 HP Legend Series

$139.00  $119.00
(Save $20.00)


Just received this yesterday. Removed the old Kenmore and had this installed on the sink in about 15 minutes. The EZ Mount is a very good description. I've installed several disposal units through the years and this mounted the fastest.

As far as it's function, it's very quiet over other units in a different way. The high RPM's, along with the cutting system, must shred whatever you've put in, so quickly, that it doesn't have a chance to rattle around inside the chamber and set up a vibration that rattles the sink.

Having a power cord attached, is another great feature. I already had the electrical box installed under the sink, so it was just a matter of plugging it in and flipping the power switch.

All in all, my first impression is a very good one. The warranty can't be matched, either.
Date Added: 07/18/2012 by Den Kloppel