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Waste King Disposers - FAQ's

1: What kind of items can I put down my disposer?
All types of food waste can be put down your disposer such as vegetable peels, fibrous materials, small bones, fruit pits, etc. Make sure when you do grind materials that you run lots of water through the sink after the grinding process has been completed. Items that you SHOULD NOT put down your disposer include large whole bones, clams, oyster shells, whole corn husks, glass, china, plastic, bottle caps, tin, aluminum foil, utensils, caustic drain cleaner, hot grease, or other hot liquids.

2: How do I know if my disposer is jammed?
Your disposer is jammed if you hear a humming or buzzing noise every time you turn it on.

3: How do I un-jam my disposer?
To unjam the unit you first need to shut off its power.  Depending on your model and wiring configuration you can unplug the power cord from the wall or turn the breaker box switch to the off position.  Next, remove the stopper and/or splashguard.  Check to see if the turntable will rotate freely by using a wooden broom or mop handle.  Place the handle down the disposer and use one of the two impellers to put force on the turntable.  Keep in mind it is not the impellers that need to be moving freely, you are just using the impellers to put force onto the turntable.  If the turntable rotates freely, replace splashguard and check the reset button to see if it has been tripped.  Push the button in until it clicks and remains depressed.  If reset button has not been tripped, check for a short or broken wire connection to the disposer, electrical power switch, fuse box, or circuit breaker.  If the wiring and electrical components are intact, the unit may have internal problems that require service or replacement.

4: Where is the reset button located on my disposer?
The reset button is located near the bottom of the unit, opposite side of the power cord.  It is a red button inside an indentation.  Depending on how you have the disposer installed will determine whether you can see the reset button or not.

5: Do I need to register my disposer?
Anaheim Manufacturing Company does not require that you register your disposer.  We do ask that you write down your model and serial number on your owner’s manual and/or keep your proof of purchase to verify the original purchase date for warranty purposes.

6: If I hardwire my disposer will it void the warranty?
No, if you have properly hard wired your disposer it will not void the warranty.

7: What is the warranty on my disposer?
See disposer model for warranty info as coverage varies based on model. All Waste King Legend Disposers have an In-Home Warranty.

8: What is an In-Home Warranty?
All Waste King Legend Disposer are covered by an In-Home warranty. If at any time during the disposers warranty period it develops a material or mechanical defect, we will replace it in your home free of charge. Just call one of our customer service representatives at 1- 800-854-3229 and they will be more than happy to assist you. Please have your model and serial number ready for our agent so they can assist you in a timely manner.

9: Where do I Locate my model and/or serial number?
Your model and serial number is located on the label affixed to the bottom of your disposer.

10: Where can I buy parts for my food waste disposer?
You can purchase parts from any of the following companies:
Bildon: 800-292-9898 or www.bildoninc.com
Hooker Service: 800-359-5081 or www.hookerservice.com
Plumbing Supply: 530-891-1556 or www.plumbingsupply.com
Reliable Parts: (USA) 888-408-3302 (Canada) 800-941-9217 or www.reliableparts.com
Repair Clinic: 800-269-2609 or www.repairclinic.com
• All you need is the part number. See disposer model for parts listing.

11: Do all Waste King Legend disposers come with a power cord?
Yes, all Waste King Disposers come with a power cord attached.

12: What is the difference between an EZ-Mount and 3-Bolt Mount disposer?
There are two differences between an EZ-Mount and 3-Bold Mount disposer. First is the mounting component. An EZ-Mount mounting components are aluminum while a 3-Bolt Mount mounting components are stainless steel. Second is the splashguard/hush cushion. An EZ-Mount has a removable splashguard while a 3-Bolt Mount has a hush cushion that is built into the mounting assembly. There is no difference in motor or performance and is solely a customer’s product preference.

13: What is the warranty on my Waste King Commercial unit?
All Waste King Commercial disposers have a one-year warranty from date of purchase.


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