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Select Value Added Features*
WhisperGreen Select™ offers a unique set of Four* patented modules that allow you to further customize your fan:


Panasonic FV-VS15VK1 Multi-Speed with Time Delay
(FV-VS15VK1) – Allows you to select the proper CFM settings to satisfy ASHRAE 62.2 continuous ventilation requirements. The fan runs continuously at a pre-set lower level, then elevates to a maximum level of operation when the wall switch is turned on, or when the SmartAction® motion sensor or condensation sensor module is activated. A high/Low delay timer returns the fan to the pre-set CFM level after a period of time set by the user.


Panasonic FV-CSVK1 - Condensation Sensor
(FV-CSVK1) – Helps control bathroom condensation to prevent mold and mildew. Advanced sensor technology detects relative humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically turning the fan on to control humidity. Built-in Relative Humidity(RH) sensitivity adjustment enables fine tuning for moist conditions and for satisfying CalGreen requirements. When the condensation sensor is used in conjunction with multi-speed functionality, the fan will kick up to high speed when the condensation sensor detects moisture in the room. This module also activates an automatic 20 minute delay off timer for the fan.


Panasonic FV-MSVK1 - SmartAction® Motion Sensor
(FV-MSVK1) – Automatically activates when someone enters the room. Once the settings have been applied, the fan becomes truly automatic, making it ideal for people with disabilities and assisted living environments such as nursing homes and retirement communities. This module also activates an automatic 20 minute delay off timer for the fan.


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