Fantech Fans ERV - Energy Recover Ventilator SER 150



Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 150

Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilators are designed for warmer, humid climates with longer cooling seasons. Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 150 is a complete whole house ventilation system that incorporate a supply motor and an exhaust motor in one unit. The supply motor draws fresh air in from the outside and the exhaust motor pushes stale contaminated air out . The two air streams are separated by a core. The enthalpic core of the ERV transfers heat and moisture from the incoming air to the outgoing air. The air brought into the living area is cooled and the humidity is reduced for maximum comfort. The load on your air conditioner is less and you save on cooling costs. The Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 150 is designed for houses up to 3,200 Square feet. HRVs are designed for warmer wetter areas of the country that have longer cooling seasons.

• The Fantech SER 150 does not have defrost mechanism.

Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 150 Features

    Three speed Fan
    6" Side Ports
    50-130 CFM (24-61 L/s) at 0.4 w.g.
    Volts - 120
    Amperage - 1.5
    Dehumidifies and Cools Incoming Air
    Powder coated 24-gauge galvanized steel cabinets
    Fully insulated with 1" aluminum foil-face high density foam
    German manufactured motors with backward incline impellers
    Includes easy-mount wall bracket
    Aluminum cores
    7 year limited motor warranty
    Lifetime limited warranty on Aluminum cores
    5 year limited warranty on component parts
    Total Recovery Efficiency (TRE) at 95 degrees F - 45 percent
    Effectiveness (ASE) at 32 degrees F - 76 percent
    Size: 23" L by 17" W by x 16" H


SER Series - SER 150
Incoming fresh outdoor air is filtered then cooled and dehumidified by the stale outgoing air, as it passes through an enthalpy energy recovery core. The ERV then distributes the conditioned air throughout the home by direct ductwork installed specifically for the ERV or through the ductwork of a forced-air system.

• Simple Yet Sophisticated Design Makes These Units the Most Reliable HRVs on the Market
• Enthalpy Core
• EBM Motors with Backward Incline Propellers
• Steep Fan Curves for Superior Airflow Performance
• No Balancing Required
• Insulated with 1" (25mm) Foil-Faced High Density Polystyrene Foam
• No Drain Needed on SER 150, SER 2004N, SER 3204N


CASE - 22 gauge galvanized steel on the SER 2004/2004N; 24 gauge galvanized steel on the SER 1504/1504N; 20 gauge galvanized steel on the SER 3204D/3204N. Baked powder coated paint, antique white. Insulated with foil-faced 1" (25 mm) high density polystyrene foam to prevent condensatioand meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories 94HF.

MOTORS - German-manufactured, factory balanced ebm motors with backward curved blades and permanently lubricated sealed bearings. Engineered to run over 100,000 hours continuously. Motor warranty 7 years.

CORE - Semi-permeable energy recovery cores configured for an efficient cross-flow ventilation. Manufactured to withstand extreme temperature variations. Core warranty 5 years.

FILTERS - Washable Electrostatic Panel Type Air Filters.

CONTROLS - External three (3) position (Low/Stand By/Medium) rocker switch that will offer continuous ventilation. Fantech offers a variety of external controls. (see optional controls) External dry contacts provided.

DEFROST - The SER 150, SER 2004 and SER 3204D have a built-in defrost mechanism that activates at 23  degreesF (-5 degrees C) in order to prevent the energy transfer core from freezing. They also include a condensate drain pan & spout.

SERVICEABILITY - Core, filters, and motors can be easily serviced through latched access door. Electrical box, placed on the outside of the unit, can also be easily accessed.

Detailed Product Information
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  • Model: SER 150
  • Manufactured by: Fantech Exhaust Fans