Fantech - HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator - SHR 150 - 4 Port 149 CFM



Fantech - HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator - SHR 150 - 4 Port 149 CFM

Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator - Model SHR 150
Model SHR150 - Fantech SHR Series Heat Recovery Ventilators are high performance, low maintenance units designed to improve indoor air quality and provide balanced ventilation in residential applications. An HRV is designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air. HRVs use what is called a "sensible" heat recovery core. This special aluminum core transfers heat from the exhaust air stream to the incoming air stream. Fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transformed from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs. Fantech HRVs are equipped with automatic defrost mechanisms so even if you live in the coldest climates you can use your HRV all your long.

• Compact design
• Backward curved blade motors
• Electrostatic filters (washable)
• Aluminum heat recovery core
• External screw type dry contacts
• Improved core guide channels for easy removal of core

• EDF 1 – On/Off, Low, High Speed Operation and 20 min. On/40 min. Off Cycle Timer
• RTS 3 – Intermittent Bathroom Timer with Settings for 20/40/60 Minutes of High Speed Boost
• EDF 5 – Digital multi-function wall control with recirculation
• EDF 2 – Digital multi-function wall control
• MDEH 2 – Mechanical low voltage dehumidistat with On/Off switch
• MDEH 1 – Mechanical low voltage dehumidistat
• RTS 2 – 15 Minute push button timer

• 7 year on motors
• 5 year on parts
• Lifetime on core (limited)

CASE 24 gauge galvanized steel. Powder coated finish, antique white. Insulated with 1" (25 mm) foil-faced high density polystyrene foam to prevent condensation and meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories 94HF.

MOTORS Two (2) German-engineered, factory-balanced ebm motors with backward curved blades. Motors come with permanently lubricated sealed bearings guarantee long life and maintenance-free operation. Seven (7) year warranty.

FILTERS Two (2) Washable Electrostatic Panel Type Air Filters, 8.5" (216mm) x 15" (380mm) x 0.125" (3mm).
CORE A aluminum heat recovery core configured for an efficient cross-flow ventilation. Core is 9" x 9" (229 x 229 mm) with a 15" (380 mm) depth. Cores are manufactured to withstand extreme temperature variations.

CONTROLS External three (3) position (Low/Stand By/Medium) rocker switch that will offer continuous ventilation. Fantech offers a variety of external controls. (see optional controls)

DEFROST A preset defrost sequence is activated at an outdoor air temperature of 23 degrees F (-5 degrees C) and lower. During the defrost sequence, the supply blower shuts down & the exhaust blower switches into high speed to maximize the effectiveness of the defrost strategy. The unit then returns to normal operation, and continues cycle.

INSTALLATION - Unit is typically hung by using installation kit supplied with unit. Mounting bolts provided on top four (4) corners of unit.

SERVICEABILITY - Core, filters, motors and drain pan can be easily serviced through latched access door. Core conveniently slides out with ease on an improved railing system. Electrical box, placed on the outside of the unit, can also be easily accessed.

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