Fantech - HP 190 SLQ Slimline Low Profile Exterior / Wall Mount Radon Fan - 4" duct, 133 cfm @ 0.5p



Fantech - HP 190 SLQ Slimline Low Profile Exterior / Wall Mount Radon Fan - 4" duct

 What is Radon? Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. In today’s better insulated homes, Radon can accumulate and be a danger to your family’s health. According to the EPA, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non smokers and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. Over 20,000 die annually from the effects of Radon.

Test Your Home for Radon. It’s easy and inexpensive. Test kits are available at a number of locations in your local area. If you have trouble finding one, contact your local EPA office. If the Radon level in your home is 4 pCi/L or more, contact a local Radon Mitigator. These trained professionals can help you solve your problem quickly and effectively with Fantech Ventilation Fans. For more information on Radon gas, visit (Environmental Protection Agency) or (American Assoc. of Radon Scientists and Technologists).


HP190SLQ Slimline Radon Fan
The HP190SLQ is engineered specifically for the demanding environments of radon mitigation applications. Its low profile, wall-mount design minimizes installation time. Fan and discharge pipe are located on surface of exterior wall eliminating need for elbows. Fan connects directly to low pressure pipe opening on exterior wall.

The standard for Radon Mitigation.
Ideally tailored performance curve for a vast majority of your mitigations.

Fantech’s HP 190 SLQ Fan Meets the Challenges of Radon Applications


  • Constructed of durable, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • UL Listed for use in commercial applications
  • Factory sealed to prevent leakage
  • Integral condensate bypass
  • Direct wall-mount with integral vibration isolation
  • Approved for mounting in wet locations – i.e. Outdoors


  • Totally enclosed for protection
  • High efficiency EBM motorized impeller
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Average life expectancy of 7-10 years under continuous load conditions


  • Five Year Limited Factory Warranty

Radon Mitigation - HP 190 SLQ


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