Waste King Accessories Commercial - Deluxe Electrical Control Panel Box - PC1024



Waste King Deluxe Electrical Control Panel Box - PC1024



Deluxe Electrical Control Panel Box PC-1024 is NEMA 4 rated and built with top quality #302 stainless steel. 

Keep your disposer system running smoothly and effeciently with Waste King's high quality contols...  from simple on/off switches to automatic control palels.  All controls are tested for durability, quality and long life.


Stainless Steel Enclosure

  • NEMA 4 Rating
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Extra Strong 14 Gauge 302 Stainless Steel
  • Easy to clean and keep clean


  • Unitized construction allows for easy installation of circuity.
  • Mounts easily and quickly.
  • No prepunched holes-allowing for flexible installation.
  • Electrical and plumbing instructions included.

Extra Long Life and Reliability

  • Waste King's Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers eliminate the need for reversing motor.  This adds to the reliability of the disposer and its control panel.
  • 230/440 Volts line Transformer, secondary volts 120.
  • Fused control circuits - no additional fuses required.
  • Magnetic contractors for sfety and increased product life.

Push Button Operation

  • Start and stop push buttons for ease of operation.

The Perfect Replacement

  • Replacing and old disposer?  With an easy to use, low-cost adapter, a Waste King can replace almost any disposer in use.

A Full Line of Products

  • Since 1946, Waste King has been manufacturing a full line of quality 1/2 HP to 10 HP disposers.  Waste King's Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers and triple-cutting action are still the industry standard.

                           [Due to continued product improvement, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.]

Detailed Product Information
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  • Model: PC1024
  • Manufactured by: Waste King Commercial