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Fantech Fans FKD Series Information

FKD Series Fans

Inline Centrifugal Fans for Round Duct
the ultimate in quality, quiet performance and cost efficiency



FYI: FKD’s performance features:

  • Galvanized steel housing
  • External rotor motor with built-in thermal overload protection and automatic reset
  • Tested and approved by UL and CSA (or equals)
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F
  • Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings
  • 100% speed controllable for highly efficient and economical airflow
  • Airflow up to 6291 CFM
  • Terminal box with prewired electrical strip
  • Mixed flow impeller
  • Excellent heat dissipation to ensure long motor life
  • Three-year warranty

Fantech's FKD external rotor motor - built to last.

Inline Mixed Flow Duct Fans

With Fantech's FKD Series fans, "going with the flow" has never been easier. These fans are specifically designed to bridge the transition between centrifugal and axial by combining the high flow of axial designs with the higher pressure, non-overloading characteristics of backward curved impellers. Fantech's "The Straight Way" inline designs minimize system losses while being extremely compact.
The round inline design keeps air moving in ductwork sized from 8" to 20". 100% speed controlability gives extreme flexibility where there is need for varying airflow.
The lightweight, compact design FKD Series fans mount at any angle, at any point along the ductwork.

A balancing act that’s easy to perform

With FKD Series fans, system balancing is achieved by measuring the system flow or pressure and adjusting the fan performance by "dialing in" or setting the fan speed using inexpensive solid state speed controls, transformers or VFD's. Direct drive eliminates the need for continuous belt alignment, tension adjustment and ongoing maintenance.


Inlet and Exhaust Accessories

Fantech reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, any or all of its products' features, designs, components and specifications, to maintain their technological leadership position.

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