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How to Make a Beautiful
Kitchen Work Beautifully

Ask any master chef - or weekend cook - what makes a kitchen beautiful. It's not just how it looks. It's how it works.

Fantech kitchen exhaust fans are designed to make beautiful kitchens work beautifully. And there's a Fantech ventilation solution for almost every kitchen, from single-family homes to high-rise apartments and condominiums.

Most kitchen exhaust fans are so loud and inefficient that they're never used. So steam, smoke and grease build up, and never go out. It's enough to drive even the most determined cook out of the kitchen.

Fantech kitchen exhaust fans are a cook's silent partner. They're quiet and reliable, easy to install, and economical to operate. And because they're so efficient, they keep counters, walls, floors and furnishings cleaner longer.

Fantech now provides another ventilation solution for custom designed range hood. The SHL stainless steel hood liner that pairs with Fantech remote mount fans and silencers to provide quiet, effective kitcehn ventilation.

No wonder people who love kitchens - but hate to clean them - are some of our biggest fans.

Fantech's FX Series Fans

What's special about Fantech's FX Series fans? Plenty. Their rugged galvanized steel housing with baked enamel finish makes them ideal for commercial style code applications. FX Series fans are pre-wired and supplied with a mounting bracket and external wiring box for easy installation.

Fantech's FKD Series Fans

Fantech FKD Series fans were specifically developed to bridge the gap between centrifugal and axial fan applications. These mixed flow centrifugal exhaust fans offer quiet performance and easy installation. FKD Series fans can be mounted at any angle- horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Automatic reset thermal overload protection.

Fantech's RVF and RE Series Fans

Tight space? Open up to new solutions with Fantech's RVF and RE Series fans. These exterior mounted fans are perfect for condominiums and apartment units, freeing up valuable interior space. Wall mounted RVF Series, or roof mounted RE Series, are deisgned inside and out to be quiet and dependable. All fans feature baked power coat finishes, galvanized steel housings and external rotor motor with automatic reset. Adjustable fan speed saves energy and money. Easy to install.

Whatever your choice for the job.
All Fantech Fans offer these features:

  • Galvanized steel housings with powder coat-baked enamel finish.
  • 100% speed controllable.
  • UL and cUL approved.
  • Five Year Warranty.



Fantech Kitchen Exhaust Fan Ventilation Solutions
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• FKD Series   FDK8XL - FKD10 - FKD10XL - FKD12
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• LD Series   LD4 - LD6 - LD8 - LD10 - LD12

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