Native Trails Bathroom Sinks - Copper - Baby Classic Rolled CPS239 - Antique Finish


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CPS239 Rolled Baby Classic – Native Trails Copper Bathroom Sink - Antique Finish

Antique Finish - A smaller sized copper bath sink, the Rolled Baby Classic from Native Trails is a self-rimming, hand hammered copper sink that comes in a variety of finishes. Each Native Trails copper item is made from recycled copper by artisans helped with micro-finance and fair trade practices.
Rolled Baby Classic

12" x 15.5" x 5" OD
10" x 13.5" x 4.5" ID
18 Gauge Copper
1.5" Drain Size
IAPMO Listed

Care and Maintenance:
Caring for Native Trails copper sinks in brushed nickel, natural, antique and tempered finish is surprisingly easy. For basic cleaning simply use a mild soap and water. Copper will naturally patina over time. Do not use copper cleaners or abrasives. Keep your copper sink and drain clean and dry by wiping it down after each use with a soft cloth. For extra protection, a product such as Flitz Faucet and Fixture Wax may be applied. Recent studies have shown that copper has remarkable natural antibacterial properties which actually kill dangerous bacteria such as E. coli in a matter of hours, while stainless steel and other traditional surfaces allow them to survive for weeks. Enjoy the "living” qualities of your beautiful hand hammered bowl and feel proud to own a unique and functional work of art!

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