Fantech Bathroom Fan PB100f - Now PB110f - Single Grille with Fluorescent Light 110 cfm



Fantech Bathroom Fan PB100F (Now PB110F) - Single Grille with Fluorescent Light 110 CFM 4 Inch Duct

Contains: 1 remote fan, 1 mounting bracket, 1 ceiling grille with fluorescent light, 1 bulb



This product has been replaced by Fantech PB110F. We are shipping the new improved 110 cfm model PB110F at no extra cost Or Click here to purchase the Fantech PB110F.

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Manufacturer: Fantech
Line: Single Grille with Fluorescent Light
Model: PB110F (Previously PB100F)
Duct Size: 4 Inch
CFM: 110 at .2 Static Pressure, 78 at .4, 55 at .6
Watts: 19 at .2 Static Pressure
Box Size: 18 x 12 x 12
Weight: 10 lbs.
Optional Accessories:
Electronic Timer Control, Slide Speed Control, 30 Minute Timer, Light/Fan Switch,

Fantech Bath Fans & Fans with Lights – Single Grille
Clear the air in smaller baths and powder rooms with the help of a Fantech Premium Bath Fan. A small-scale grille mounts in the ceiling while the fan motor mounts in a remote location away from the living area. The result is quiet yet powerful ventilation that is sure to protect your home from the damaging effects of moisture, steam and mold.

The Ultimate in Design Flexibility plus Quiet Operation!
Don't let the roar of a noisy bath fan disrupt your peace and quiet. Protect your bath and your sanity with Fantech Premium Bath Fans. Unlike standard bath exhaust fans, the motor of a Fantech fan mounts away from the living area. The result is powerful yet quiet ventilation you can live with. 

A New Level of Flexibility
No other exhaust fan in the market today offers more design flexibility at installation. Several exhaust grilles can easily be connected to one remote fan motor for effective spot ventilation in a single bath. Or, use one fan to ventilate two back-to-back baths. 


Perfect Spot Ventilation
Small, unobtrusive Ceiling Grilles with or without Lights mount in the shower, over the toilet or over the whirlpool tub. Its the ideal way to exhaust contaminants quickly and efficiently while reducing the damaging effects of mold-causing moisture.


Fantech's Popular Inline Fan At The Heart of Our Premium Bath Fans 



At the heart of Fantech's Premium Bath Fans is a versatile inline fan powered by an external rotor motorized impeller.


This fine quality German manufactured motor is designed for long life and dependable performance.


Fan features a plastic housing constructed of UL-recognized and UV-protected thermoplastic resin. This tough protective shell allows the fan to be mounted in wet locations. UL tested and approved. HVI tested and certified for performance.



Look for the Energy Star
Label …your assurance
that Fantech Premium Bath
Fans and Fans with Lights
meet or exceed the energy
efficiency requirements of
Energy Star.



All models are UL Listed for use in wet locations. HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified for performance. All models are IC Rated.




• Prewired
• 4 Inch to 8 Inch Duct;
100-360 cfm at .2 static
• 100 percent speed controllable
• Powered by external
rotor motorized impeller
• Five year factory warranty
• Rated for continuous duty


According to the guidelines of HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) baths 100 square feet or smaller require one CFM per square foot of bathroom. To find the square footage simply multiply the length of the bath by the width.



7 ft x 9 ft bath = 63 sq. ft.




* Minimum 50 CFM






NOTE: For proper airflow in typical installations (when duct losses aren't calculated), use the 0.4 Inches Ps (static pressure) rating point for correct fan selection.





Contractor Friendly Installation
Fantech Premium Bath Fans are flex duct friendly making installation fast and easy.
We recommend:


1. Use insulated flexible duct. (Insulated flex duct allows sound from the fan to dissipate gradually so that it can not be heard in the bathroom.) 4 Inch Flex Duct or 6 Inch Flex Duct.


2. Ideally you should have at least 8 feet of flex duct between ceiling grilles and fan.


3. If applicable, use multiple ceiling grilles or ceiling grilles with lights.







Did You Know? 


The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) recommends that the bath fan be left on 20 minutes after the use of the bathroom to successfully fight the damaging effects of moisture.


A timer such as Fantech's Electronic Pushbutton Timer (Model FD60EM) is the ideal answer.


Simply push 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes then exit the bathroom. Timer will keep the fan running for the amount of time you specify then turn off automatically.



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