Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Mosaic - Venetian Glass and Tumbled Marble Tile Sample Chart


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Linkasink Tile Colors for Linkasink Mosaic Sinks

See our online tile chart.

If you have not seen these sinks in person, we recommend that you order a tile sample chart of Linkasinks' Venetian glass and tumbled marble. Natural stone tiles are produced in nature, so their color and general appearance may vary greatly. These differences are what make our mosaic stone tile sinks quite unique and beautiful. The Venetian glass will be fairly standard in color to the sample. The tumbled marble may have various veining patterns.
The price of the sample chart will be deducted from the cost of your sink should you order it from us.

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Linkasink Venetian Glass and Tumbled Marble Tile Sample Chart

color 1.jpg color 2.jpg color 3.jpg
Color 1 - Venetian Glass Color 2 - Venetian Glass Color 3 - Venetian Glass
color 4.jpg color 5.jpg color 6.jpg
Color 4 - Venetian Glass Color 5 - Venetian Glass Color 6 - Venetian Glass
color 7.jpg color 8.jpg color 9.jpg
Color 7 - Venetian Glass Color 8 - Venetian Glass Color 9 - Venetian Glass
color 10.jpg color 11.jpg color 12.jpg
Color 10 - Venetian Glass Color 11 - Venetian Glass Color 12 - Venetian Glass
color 13.jpg color 14.jpg color 15.jpg
Color 13 - Tumbled Marble Color 14 - Tumbled Marble Color 15 - Tumbled Marble
color 16.jpg color 17.jpg
Color 16 - Tumbled Marble Color 17 - Tumbled Marble Color MOP - Mother of Pearl

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