Fantech Bathroom Fan PB230FV-2 Now PB270FV-2 Dual Grille One Fluorescent Light, One Vent



Fantech PB230FV-2 (PB270FV-2) Fan with One Ceiling Grille with Fluorescent Light and One Vent-Only Ceiling Grille

One Ceiling Grille with Fluorescent Light and One Vent-Only Ceiling Grille 270 CFM 4" & 6" Duct

270 CFM fan, one Ceiling Grille with Light, one Vent-Only Ceiling Grille, two grille housings with dampers, one 14 watt instant-on Fluorescent bulb and Y adapter (4x4x6). Uses 4" and 6" duct. Energy Star Qualified. UL Listed for wet locations.

This product has been replaced by Fantech PB270FV-2. We are shipping the new improved 270 cfm model PB270FV-2 at no extra cost. Click here to purchase the Fantech PB270FV-2.
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Manufacturer: Fantech
Line: Combination Unit - Dual Grilles - One Lit/One Unlit
Model: PB230FV-2 (Previously PB230FV-2)
Duct Size: 4" & 6" Duct
CFM: 270 at .2 Static Pressure, 238 at .4, 207 at .6
Watts: 19 at .2 Static Pressure
Box Size: 21 x 13 x 21
Weight: 18 lbs.
Optional Accessories: Electronic Timer Control, Slide Speed Control, 30 Minute Timer, Light/Fan Switch,

These fans are great for getting two areas of a room where ventilation is needed, like next to a shower, and over the toilet area. The physical dimensions of the grills are 7" in size, the exhaust port however is for 4" duct. A "Y Connector allows you to connect each "Grill" to each arm of the "Y Connector" - which is for 4" duct. The bottom of the "Y" accommodates 6" duct, which would be run to the fan. You would then at the opposite end of the inline fan connect another duct run, comprised of 6" duct to a termination point outside of the location, like a roof cap, soffit end vent, wall vent, etc. All Fantech Inline fans can be controlled with a variable speed controller.

Fantech Premium Bathroom Fans
Combination Units – Dual Grilles
One Lit / One Unlit
Fantech takes the work out of choosing the right bath fan for your new home or remodeling project.

Premium Bath Combination Units. Combo units include one exhaust fan, one lit and one unlit Ceiling Grille. A single model number provides the exact bath fan components to install an effective two-location exhaust system.

Want to add an additional exhaust location? Just choose an additional Ceiling Grille with or without a light to turn your one or two location bath fan into a fabulous multiport system.

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