S&P Soler & Palau Fans - TR Series - TR90 Energy Recovery Ventilator - 40-110 cfm



Soler & Palau Fans - TR Series - Energy Recovery Ventilator - 40-110 cfm

Total Recovery Ventilators for ALL Climates (Residential and Commercial ERVs)
S&P’s TR & TRCs moderate extremes in both temperature and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment. The unique moisture transfer capability of the S&P core also eliminates condensation and frost build up in most applications. Unlike other ERVs on the market no mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies, easier installation and more reliable operation.

Models Available:

TR Series - The Ultimate ERVs for Residential and Light Commercial Applications
Standard Specifications and Features
Commercial quality, ducted equipment sized to meet required ventilation rates for homes and small commercial buildings
Static-plate technology makes total energy savings practical for small-capacity systems
May be mounted in any orientation
Quiet, powerful blowers eliminate the need for air balancing in most applications
Positive airstream separation that is critical for smoking environments and bathroom exhaust
Easiest maintenance of any ERV
Performance certified by HVI
MERV-8 filters
Less than 1 watt stand-by power consumption
Transformer/relay package allowing simple on/off control
Plastic double collars for 6 or 8" direct duct connection
(TR300 is 8" only)
3' power cord
Integral mounting flange and hanging bracket system
Fully insulated case
Large cores for high efficiency
No condensate pan or drain required
10-year industry best core warranty
2-year warranty on balance of unit


Detailed Product Information
  • Products Regular Price: $699.99
  • Model: TR90
  • Manufactured by: S&P Soler and Palau Vent Fans
  • Condition: New
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