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Fantech Fans CVS Series
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CVS Series Fans

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Multi-Port Centrifugal Fans for Round Duct
when you need to exhaust many points to one

2-port model 275A.

4-port models CVS300A and 400A.

For all these reasons... and more

  • Galvanized steel housing
  • External rotor motor with backward-curved centrifugal fan wheel constructed of high-density polyamide, easily removable from housing for service without disturbing the installation
  • Internal scroll for maximum air performance
  • Well-designed inlet venturi for optimum efficiency
  • Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings
  • 100% speed controllable for highly efficient and economical airflow
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F
  • Tested and approved by UL and CSA (or equals)
  • Five-year warranty

Fantech's external rotor motor.
Quiet, efficient and reliable.

Compact, quiet and dependable

Multi-unit housing makes incredible demands on ventilation. Fantech's CVS Series inline duct fans are designed to meet those challenges with ease.

These lightweight circular duct fans have been engineered for installation in areas with limited space, such as between floors in apartments buildings or high rise suites. The multi-port direct driven centrifugal fan can exhaust up to several points and multiple applications into one central point without the use of adapters or transitions. The motorized impeller is both statically and dynamically balanced as one integral unit, for vibration-free and whisper-quiet performance.

  • Model CVS 275A allows for two ventilation points,
    delivering 220 CFM @ .2" WG
  • Model CVS 300A and Model CVS 400A allow for four
    ventilation points, delivering 320 CFM @ .2" WG (CVS 300A),
    and 380 CFM @ .2" WG (CVS 400A)

Easy installation. All parts included.

Fantech CVS fans are simple to install, with all parts included (ducted exhaust fan casing, motor assembly, cover, and sheet metal screws). Simply select the fan mounting location, taking into account the type of application, service accessibility, and distance from exhaust point (to minimize fan operating noise). Next, fasten the mounting casing to the ceiling, using either threaded rod or wires to suspend the unit. Finally, connect the ductwork to inlet and outlet of the fan using CB or FC clamps or duct tape. Congratulations-you've just installed one of the world's finest multi-port fans.

CVS400A and CVS300A multi-port ventilation fans are
powerful, quiet and efficient. In the work place or
at home Fantech is "Your Ventilation Solutions Company".


Specialty Accessories

Fantech reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, any or all of its products' features, designs, components and specifications, to maintain their technological leadership position.


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