Shurtape Duct Tape - PC 600 SIL 2 x 60 (2" x 60 yards) - Silver PC600



Shurtape Duct Tape - PC600 SIL 2 x 60  (2" x 60 yards) - Silver

PC 600 SIL
9 mil General purpose cloth duct tape
Poly coated
High tack adhesive
Easy tear
9 mil General purpose cloth duct tape, used for packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, holding, waterproofing, plumbing, carpet, splicing and other home and general repairs.

Industrial, Construction, Plumbing

General Purpose, Packaging, Sealing, seaming and splicing, Holding, Waterproofing


  Standard Metric ASTM Test Method
Tensile Strength 22  lbs/in width 38.5  N/10 mm D 3759
D 3759M
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 57  oz/in width 6.24  N/10 mm D 3330
D 3330M
Thickness 9  mils 0.23  mm D 3652
D 3652M
Elongation 15  % 15  % D 3759
D 3759M
Service Temperature Min 50  °F 10  °C N/A
Service Temperature Max 200  °F 93  °C N/A
Values obtained from tests do not represent a guarantee of product performance. Individual rolls may vary slightly from these averages. Shurtape recommends the user to determine whether the product is fit for a particular purpose and is suitable for the users method of application.



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