Elite Bath Bathroom Sinks Bronze - Coral Beach CB21 Bronze Bathroom Vessel Sink


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Elite Bath - Elite Coral Beach CB21 Bronze Bathroom Vessel Sink

MODEL: Elite Coral Beach CB21



DIMENSIONS: 20"x121/2"OD191/2"x12"ID 5" DEEP
WEIGHT: 54 lbs.
DRAIN TYPE: Bath (1 1/2")

Elite Bath Solid Bronze Luxury Kitchen, Bath & Bar Sinks
Elite Bath specializes in artisan handcrafted, ornate, one of a kind cast metal goods, of many different alloys, but predominately bronze. The diverse, unique designs and stylish sink shapes of Elite Bath solid cast bronze sinks set them apart from competitors more common, fabricated sinks. None of the bronze sinks are plated, they are solid cast bronze.

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  • Products Regular Price: $3340
  • Model: CB21
  • Manufactured by: Elite Bath Bronze Sinks
  • Condition: New
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  • Shipping Available to: United States
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