Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Carved Marble - MC02 Tuscany Carved Marble Vessel Sink


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MC02 Tuscany Carved Marble Vessel Sink

Drain Opening: Bath 1.5"

Product Options to Specify when Ordering
• Select Exterior Finish (Plain or Patina)
• Pattern Style for Sink Interior
• Pattern Colors (Venetian Glass or Tumbled Marble)
• Drain Finish (Included)

Care & Installation for Solid Marble Sinks
Each sink will arrive sealed and ready to use. They will require very little maintenance but a few simple steps will give you years of enjoyment. Typically a rinse with clear water is all that is needed. As needed a coat of pure carnauba car wax with no additives or cleaners will restore the luster to either the honed or polished marble sinks. We recommend Custom Building Products which are widely available where ever tile products are sold including Home Depot. Dependant on use, twice a year for heavy use, Custom Building Products "Matter SuperSheen Finish" is great for the honed marble sinks. The polished marble sinks can use a spray of "StoneGloss Polish."



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Detailed Product Information
  • Products Regular Price: $1500
  • Model: MC02
  • Manufactured by: Linkasink Sinks
  • Condition: New
  • Payments Accepted: AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal
  • Shipping Available to: United States
  • Available at: Wave Plumbing