Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Jewelry - PSC07-B Shyra Jeweled Sink Porcelain & Gold Jewels Vessel Sink - Bronze Glaze


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Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Jewelry - PSC07-B    Shyra Jeweled Sink in Bronze Porcelain Gold Jewels Vessel Sink - Bronze

The Jewelry Collection - Linkasink's porcelain bowls serve as the backdrop for this collection of hand decorated, jewel-embellished sinks. Swarovski crystals, antique and vintage jewelry pieces, seashells, and metal artistry make these sinks completely unique and totally breathtaking.

AVAILABLE FINISHES Bronze Glaze, White Glaze
DIMENSIONS Diameter: 17   Height: 6 inches   
SPEC SHEET Jeweled Sink (PSC07)
AVAILABLE DRAINS D004, D005, D006, Decorative Drain
ADDITIONAL INFO Please see our Care Instructions for tips on keeping your sink beautiful.

Detailed Product Information
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  • Model: PSC07-B
  • Manufactured by: Linkasink Sinks
  • Condition: New
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