Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - B012 WOK Bowl 17" - 3 Finishes


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Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Bronze - B012 WOK Bowl Vessel Large 17"x6" - 3 Finishes

Linkasink Model:  WOK Bowl Vessel Large (B012)
Dimensions:  Diameter: 17"X6"  
Drain Hole Size:  1.5" (Bath)
Installation:  Vessel, Drop-In (Please Specify)
Finishes:  (AB) Antique Bronze, (WB) White Bronze
Category:  Linkasink Bronze Sinks

Comes in your choice of three finishes:
AB - Antique Bronze
WB - White Bronze

Linkasink Collection of Bronze Sinks
Linkasink's bronze bathroom vessel sinks are made by craftsmen using an old-world Turkish method enabling them to construct intricate details and shapes, producing a sink that radiates beauty and warmth. This collection includes antique reproductions, elegantly shaped vessels, and sinks with ornate relief patterns. 

Linkasink WOK Bowl
Linkasink WOK Bowl Vessel Sink Small comes in 2 finishes: Antique Bronze, and White Bronze. Installation style include Vessel, or Drop-In. See each product for recommended mounting styles for that specific model.

WOK Bowl Models
B012-AB - WOK Bowl Vessel Large - Antique Bronze    
B012-WB - WOK Bowl Vessel Large - White Bronze 

Available Linkasink Sink Drains: (Optional) Drains are not included with sink. 
D004 - Grid Strainer
D005 - Twist & Turn
D006 - Pop-Up Drain
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Detailed Product Information
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  • Model: B012
  • Manufactured by: Linkasink Sinks
  • Condition: New
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