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Fantech Ventilation Fans

Fantech Fans: Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Fantech Ventilation Fans

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Fantech Ventilation Fans
Fantech Bath Fans Combination One Light
Fantech Exhaust Fan Retrofit Conversion
Fantech Bath Fans - Dual Grilles
Fantech Bath Fans with Lights
Fantech Bathroom Fans - Vent Only
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Fantech Dryer Booster
Fantech Expansion Grilles
Fantech Flex Duct
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Fantech Dual Grille with Lights 

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Fantech Fans: At the heart of Fantech's Premium Bathroom Ventilation Fans is a versatile inline fan powered by an external rotor motorized impeller. This fine quality German manufactured motor is designed for long life and dependable performance. Wave Plumbing carries a wide range of bathroom ventilation products from the Fantech Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan line.   brand information
Fantech Fans - Vent only single grille Fantech Fans: Vent only dual Grille exhast fans Fantech Fans Fantech Fans - Bathroom Fans with Lights - dual grilles Fantech Fans - Expansion Grilles for Bathroom fans Fantech Fans - Exterior Wall mount bathroom exhaust fans Fantech Fans - Bathroom Fan Retrofit Conversion Kit Fantech Fans Dryer Booster - Dryer Boosting Fantech Fans - Controls, switches & Accessories
Fantech Bath Fans
Vent Only - Single Grille
Vent Only - Dual Grilles
With Lights - Single Grille
With Lights - Dual Grilles
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Fan Retrofit Conversion Kit
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