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Compare to ISE in-sink-erator (below)

Buy a Waste King Legend Garbage Disposer when you buy your new dishwasher and save on installation charges because they both use the same drain and electric sources.

8. Waste King Legend Series garbage disposal units operate at 2700 rpms (revolutions per minute) vs. the other brands at 1725 rpms.
Disposes of food waste faster - Saves Time! Uses less water because it grinds faster - Saves Water! Uses less energy, finishes the jobs faster - Saves Electricity!
7. Waste King Legend motors have 30% more torque (twisting power) than the other brands.
Doesn't need Auto Reverse to prevent jams. Doesn't need an un-jam key to prevent jams. Waste King never jams!
6. Waste King Legend offers the longest Warranty in the business because they are so trouble free.
5. Waste King Legend includes an electric cord and plug with all models vs. $10 extra for other brands.
4. Waste King Legend is one of only two major manufacturers that make 95% of all garbage disposers.
3. Waste King Legend features stainless steel cutters, 3-bolt mounting systems, sound insulation, and a large opening for grinding.
2. Waste King Legend was Rated #1 because they grind finer and don't jam.
1. Waste King Legend disposers are SEPTIC SAFE and DESIGNED TO BE USED IN SEPTIC SYSTEMS.


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