Linkasink Drains - Metal & Cloisonnne

Made by the artisans that create Linkasink's cloisonné sinks, these beautiful lavatory drain covers are inspired by nature. The decorative metal beading around the edge of the drains is available in several finishes. They are designed to fit a 1.5" drain.

Linkasink features a delightful line of over 65 decorative drains. Miniature metal and stone sculptures, semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, glass and cloisonne are combined in several metal finishes to produce unique pieces of functional art. Each Decorative drain consists of two parts: 1) the mechanism, which can be installed on any sink and functions as a compression pop-up, and 2) the decorative sculpture, which attaches to the mechanism. By pressing on the sculpture the mechanism opens and closes the drain. The sculpture is removable for easy cleaning. When ordering a decorative drain please specify the finish and drain mechanism - whether non-overflow style (which fits all of the Linkasink sinks) or overflow style, which fits a more typical porcelain sink. If you have any questions please call our sales team toll free: 888-875-WAVE.

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