Native Trails Bathroom Sinks - Copper & Nickel Undermount & Drop-In

Native Trails Copper and Nickel Plated Undermount & Drop-In Bathroom Sinks
Native Trails Bath Undermount and Drop-in Sinks are SIMPLY PERFECT. Style, artistry, and texture combined with real-world purpose - that’s perfection. Native Trails’ copper undermount and drop-in bathroom sinks are hammered by hand of high quality recycled copper. Make a splash with a showy raised profile, or be more subtle, showing just a hint of the distinctive texture and patina. Native trails Copper Sinks are an inspired convergence of texture, craft, and tradition transforms any bath into a personal sanctuary. Native Trails’ bathroom sinks indulge with their beauty and practicality. The distinctive texture and warm glow is breathtaking; their effortless maintenance is refreshingly practical.

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